New Construction

Estimates for residential and commercial new construction can be obtained by calling the office at (541) 934 2311.

Responsibility of the Consumer

When service is made available by the Cooperative, the member-consumer shall assume full responsibility for the usage of electrical energy and shall take all reasonable and proper precautions to prevent damage to the Cooperative’s property on the consumer’s premises. Failure to prevent damage to the Cooperative’s property will result in the consumer being billed for damages caused.

Service Available

Service shall be deemed available on the first billing date following completion of the construction of the new line, or the installation of the transformers by the Cooperative, or the completion and inspection of the consumer’s wiring installation, or the connection and energization of these facilities at the point of delivery. In the event of failure of the member to accept service, the Cooperative may, after the line has been completed for a period of 24months, remove the material and equipment which has been installed to service such member. If such member desires service at a later date, the Cooperative shall require payment of the cost of removal and re-installing of such material and equipment.

Point of Delivery

The Cooperative will construct and maintain the facilities required to provide service to the point of delivery as determined by the Cooperative. The point of delivery is that point on the consumer’s premises, where the Cooperative’s electrical service conductors terminate, and the consumer’s wires are connected. All equipment and conductors on the load side of the meter shall belong to and be the responsibility of the consumer, except equipment provided by the Cooperative.

Consumer’s Liability

The consumer shall indemnify, save harmless and defend the Cooperative against all claims, demands, cost or expense for loss, damage, or injury to persons or property in any manner arising from, connected with, or growing out of the transmission or use of electrical current at or on the consumer’s side of the point of delivery.

Changes in Consumer’s Writing & Equipment

All equipment supplied by the Cooperative on the consumer’s premises has definite capacity and, for this reason, it shall be the responsibility of the consumer to notify the Cooperative before any change is made in the load characteristics or change of purpose or location on the consumer’s installation. Failure to give such notice may render the consumer liable for any damage to meters or accessories, transformers or wires of the Cooperative, caused by the additional or changed installation.

Relocation of Delivery Point

All costs of relocation of a point of delivery for the convenience of the consumer will be billed to the consumer in advance of construction.