Sponsorships & Donations

Columbia Power Cooperative operates under the seven principles of cooperatives, one being that of Concern for Community. We believe that cooperatives work for the sustainable development of their communities, and for that reason Columbia Power has strategically aligned its annual sponsorships and donations to best serve the current and future members within our service territory.

The three areas of focus include:

  • School based activities: these include the 4H program, high school scholarships, school supplies, and grade school snacks.
  • Community based activities: sponsorship of various fairs and rodeos within all three counties served.
  • Emergency Response: donations to the voluntary ambulance services and fire departments of the towns of Spray, Monument, Mitchell, Ukiah and Fossil.


power snacks week APRil 2024

For 2024 Columbia Power Cooperative has introduced POWER SNACKS WEEK, the week following Spring Break when our line crew delivers snacks to grade school students in the four schools across our rural service territory. The children of Spray School in Wheeler County were so appreciative that they sent staff at the cooperative these wonderful Thank You cards. It was their messages of thanks that have inspired us to call this now annual event POWER SNACKS WEEK!