Winter Storm Safety

Always Assume All Downed Power Lines are Live

Downed power lines can be deadly. Always assume a downed power line is live and avoid approaching them or anything near them.

Use Precaution

  • Downed power lines can energize the ground up to 35 feet away. Even more in wet conditions.
  • Never drive over downed power lines or anything in contact with them.
  • If you see a downed power line, call 911.
  • Never try to move a downed power line.

If a Vehicle Contacts a Power Line or Utility Pole…

  • Stay away and call 911.
  • Consider all lines to be live and dangerous.
  • Stay in place or inside your vehicle unless you see fire or smoke.
  • Warn others to stay at least 35 feet away.
  • Tell others not to approach vehicle, downed lines, or anything that may be in contact with downed lines.

In the Event of Fire or Smoke

  • Do not touch the ground and vehicle at the same time.
  • Jump from the vehicle with your feet together.
  • Shuffle away, avoiding lifting your feet.