Reflecting on 2023 While Looking Ahead

It is hard to believe 2023 is rapidly drawing to a close, but when I stop and reflect upon the year, we have accomplished so much together.

Columbia Power Cooperative has been working on line-hardening strategies toestablish resilient power before the extreme events we experience each winter. Manymembers were affected by planned outages this spring, which were implemented so projects could be completed to reduce unplanned and extended outages often caused by snow, ice and high winds.

While we understand no outage—planned or unplanned—is convenient, our goal is always to reduce disruption wherever possible, particularly during cold weather.

We also delivered new or extended service to more than 30 members during the 2023 construction season. Given the shifting weather patterns and the nature of our terrain, these jobs provided challenges that required our line crew’s creativity to overcome and complete work. The co-op is no stranger to adverse conditions, and the adaptability and resiliency of our lineworkers means we get the job done despite obstacles.

While we have been busy, so have our members with their own projects that require PRIMARY line locates, line drops, disconnects, reconnects and sometimes repairs. As we close this construction season, I encourage all members to reach out to us early when planning projects in 2024. Consider how they might affect PRIMARY power lines above or below ground. We are here to assist you in the success of your projects and ensure everyone remains safe while working around high-voltage lines.

As we wrap up an incredible 2023, the board of directors and staff at Columbia Power Cooperative wish all our members and their families a merry Christmas. We look forward to continuing to support and serve you in the new year.

Lisa S Atkin, General Manager