Make Your Voice Heard in 2024

What are your hopes for the new year? Some might call me foolish, but one of my hopes is that we can all come together in agreement on the matter of sustaining hydropower and make a difference where it counts – at the Oregon legislature!

One of the most important words in the electric utility industry is certainty. We want certainty that the electricity we provide is clean, affordable, and reliable.  Over the years, we have had this certainty because of our longstanding relationship with the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), which markets the output from federal dams on the Columbia and Snake River Dams.  However, current litigation pertaining to the hydropower system has created more uncertainty than ever before when it comes to providing you affordable, reliable electricity.

Plaintiffs – including the State of Oregon – have, for years, used the courtroom to increase BPA’s investment in fish and wildlife programs, despite the fact customers of the BPA spend $685 million annually on these programs. In fact, approximately one-quarter of your electricity bill is the result of spending on fish and wildlife.

We have recently learned a secret agreement between the plaintiffs and the federal government could saddle BPA customers with billions of dollars in new costs. One estimate predicts the electricity we purchase from BPA could increase 50%. What is so disappointing is that this agreement was made without input from organizations that represent Northwest public power. Nor does this agreement provide certainty against further litigation that could skyrocket costs even more.

We need your help to put some common sense and transparency in this process. We need our elected leaders like Governor Kotek and our congressional delegation to stand up for our communities that depend on federal hydropower. Because if they don’t – the only thing certain is that the electricity we provide you will be less affordable and reliable. We encourage you to visit Voices for Cooperative Power and voice your opposition to any efforts to undermine our incredible Northwest hydro system. Visit and sign the petition now to protect your power! Alternatively, use the QR code below to help take action on this important issue.

Make your voice count in 2024!

Lisa S Atkin, General Manager